Airplanes collection

Airplanes are contemporary symbols of flight and freedom. with a special position of Iran and Middle East area, these gigantic birds with each landing and take off by transferring politician determine the miserable or prosperous destiny of man for decades. There are years that Iranian have been engaged with revolution, war, immigration, suspension situation and are in pursuit of happiness and freedom. with due attention to my late knowledge about Persian art, use airplane in my works as a metaphor of Iran’s contemporary interpretation.
Also my painting have nonlinear narrative in their installation’s construct. Each painting in numbers of canvases set different narrative close to each other and desire to convey a unit sense. Also in their installation I played with depth of canvases.
As a result of my research about flight in art, whenever the social strangulation and pressure were increased in one society, artists to deliverance from these situation works unconsciously on subject of flight.