Polar bears collection

In this series, I installed photography and Painting together, Photos have taken from Poland’s cities and Painting show my related feeling about new cities and immigration.
And polar bears are the exclusive live creatures in this series. Lonely live creatures that in their frames are on the ice land in middle of the seas, floating, suspended or in the struggle to survival, as human kind that are in cities and countries in same suspended or challenging situations.
Perhaps one common point between two countries (Poland and Iran) is the issue of immigration. Years ago, in the time of World War II, Poland involved with this issue. (Many Polish people had to immigrant to Iran.)
And on the other hand, migration is nowadays one prevalent problem amongst Iranians.
Creatures that decide to change their land, have to stand against harsh and unstable situations. They must accept whole responsibility of their life and their family themselves and stand with their choice. Until one new city instead pervious land and new adventures resulted.
My experience of Polish city was a „white” feeling. Poland is a safe and secure land with pure, cold and virgin cities that are rich of treasures that inspire for artistic creation.
While facing Polish city, I had the same experience that polar bears have in new, unexplored land. Sometimes Poland strangely reminded me of my hometown. Sun light folding on the pavement or when you pass through old arcade. Polish women could be your aunts and Polish men could be your relatives.
These city changing and regain home in new city is an experience in paradox with sad roving or could be a new perception of new alienation.
The connection between Poland and Iran is a wonderful link, like suddenly facing with one polar bear!
But in fact they have deep and considerable roots.